holy father blessing

Meaning of the Papal Blessing


The Blessing is a prayer with which we ask, for ourselves or for our loved ones, the protection of God. The Apostolic Blessing is the Blessing given by the holy father.

Obtaining the Papal Blessing has a profound meaning and is a very important gift, which will surely remain in the memory and soul of the recipient, a memorable way to commemorate a special anniversary in our lives.


How to request the Blessing


In the Checkout page, just in the PERSONAL INFORMATION section you will find “BLESSING FROM THE HOLY FATHER REQUEST” just do it and we will be more than happy to bring personally your gifts to receive the Blessing from the Holy Father.


it is possible to request the Blessing even after ordering, simply send us an email with the request and the order number.


This service is absolutely free, and you can send us your Rosaries or your Saints Medals. We will personally bring them to receive the Blessing, providing a small certificate that recalls the date and occasion in which the object of worship received the Blessing.


Please note that satisfying the blessing request usually takes 3 to 5 days, to be added to the normal international delivery time.