Holy Father Blessing

1.How do I request the Blessing from the Holy Father for my gifts ?

If you wish your Rosary or your Gift to receive the Pope's Blessing please ask it in the checkout page, filling the "Blessing Request" field, we will be glad to fulfill your request.

It is possible to send us the name of the person to which you’d like to address the Blessing. This will complete the intention of the Blessing.

The Blessing is absolutely free of charge. Please consider that it could require between 2 and 5 additional days before we will be able to satisfy your request. For any other information please contact our Customer Service.

2.How do the Blessing occurs ?

We personally bring your gifts to receive the Holy father's Blessing.

In some occasions, like the General Audience and the Angelus Domini, in Vatican the Holy Father impresses His Apostolic Blessing over all the presents.

This blessing is explicitly extended to the devotional items each one brings with them.