Clear Crystal Rosary with Renaissance Silver Crucifix

Finest jewellery Rosary entirely made in sterling silver 925.

All the beads are in Clear Crystal Rosary. The sterling Silver Renaissance Crucifix has the beautiful detail of ancient decorations.

Crucifix cm 4,9 x 3,4 inches 1,9 x 1,3 - Beads 10 mm 0,4 in Length 62 cm 24,4 in

At your request we will bring it to receive the Blessing from the Holy Father


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Eduardo Serafin

A most brilliant rosary

This clear crystal rosary will be a gift for my Dad who just lost his wife (my most beloved Mom). My best hope is the brilliance of this holy rosary will give him some comfort while he waits to be reunited with the love of his life. This rosary is more beautiful than I ever imagined it.<br /> <br /> BTW: Your rating scale is unlabeled, so there's no way of knowing which is good or bad.

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