Lavender Amethyst, Cytrine Gold Quartz, strass rings, Sterling Silver Gold Plated

Lavender Amethyst, Cytrine Gold Quartz, Strass Rings, Sterling Silver Gold Plated

Rosary belonging to the prestigious Gratia Plena series.

Designed by Italian stylists, with the best raw materials, they are precious and elegant Rosaries.

Rosaries to be handed down as unique pieces.

At your request we will bring it to receive the Blessing from the Holy Father

Crucifix cm5,5x3,5 inches 2,1 x 1,4 - Beads 8mm 0,3in Length 47cm 18,5 in

Gold Plated Center


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Debora Romano-Connors

Broken Rosary after 17 months

I paid $195 for a rosary that did not last 17 months and I did not even use it every day. I purchased this as a 40th wedding anniversary gift from my husband and as something I could pass on to my daughter eventually. It did not hold up to even normal wear and tear which would have been using it everyday. If I used it 100 times I would be surprised as I have more than one rosary. I don't know if it is the wire design that does not hold up or if it was defective from the beginning but it broke in the 3rd decade where it was permanently curved. I have received no response from Vatican Gifts when I asked how this could be addressed as a heirloom Precious Rosary should last longer than 17 months. I have received no response. I would purchase the traditional chain design as this straight wire design does not seem to work.

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